Linea Boutique Spa-Branding

Exhale and leave your cares at the door. Soak in our serene decor and enjoy luxurious spa treatments within
the contemporary environment of Linea Boutique Spa, in the heart of Beau Bassin.


Linea Boutique Spa logo.
Logo for Linea Spa Boutique

Linea Boutique Spa Coporate Identity. From left top to right bottom:
Letterhead | Envelope | Business Card.
Folder A4.
Gift vouchers and Envelope.
Door Signage
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Avenue Rossignol, Sodnac,
Quatre Bornes,
Mauritius :
+230 5 478 7647
+230 5 443 6963

France :
+33 09 74 77 2380

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