SME Mauritius Online Presence Scheme


Provision of a grant for acquiring the technical assistance of service providers for the below mentioned areas of intervention representing 80% of cost of the project up to a maximum amount of Rs 40,000.


The main objective of this scheme is to assist SMEs in developing and implementing the various tools and means for online presence and marketing. The areas of intervention would include:

1. Domain Name

  a) Domain name registration

  b) Branded Email registration


2) Website design and development

  a) Website design and publishing and Content Management System (CMS)

  b) Domain name and hosting

  c) Responsiveness to mobile devices

  d) Photo gallery and online contact form

3. Social Media presence

Design and development of the social media page


4. Digital Marketing training

  a) Updating of social media, set up links for all social media networks/blog and drive traffic through knowledge sharing.

  b) Use of Linked-in to promote company / use of social bookmarking tools to drive traffic to page and website.

  c) Develop an online strategy keyword rich domain, content and viral/video marketing.


1. Accessibility

2. Brand building

3. Greater audience

4. Multichannel marketing

5. Digital and target marketing


1. Enterprises should be duly registered SMEs.

2. The annual turnover should not exceed Rs 50m.

3. The enterprise should be either:

  i) incorporated as a Company or

  ii) registered as a Cooperative Society or

  iii) an individual holding a Business Registration Card.

4. Hold a valid trade license.

5. Be engaged in any legal economic activity, other than pure trading.

6. Be in operation for at least one year.

Web digital group

Avenue Rossignol, Sodnac,
Quatre Bornes,

Mauritius :
+230 5 478 7647
+230 5 443 6963

France :
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