Search engine optimisation (SEO)

The website for your organisation might be near to perfect, but if it is not visible to your potential customers, it will be of no use. Web Digital Group will get you to the top of search rankings and make you stay there. Our team is at your service to design the best online marketing strategy for you, which will result in increasing visibility, sales and profitability. From keywords research, to on-site optimisation, to quality link building, we are here to act as your digital partner and to guide your organisation towards online success. 

Keyword research
In order to increase your visibility online, Web Digital Group undertakes keywords research works in accordance to the actual traffic trends. A constant update of these keywords will result in a higher ranking of your site on most popular search engines, which make your organisation more accessible to potential customers.

On-site optimisation
Result of the keywords research are inserted into your page in such a way to make the site more visible on search engines. Improve accessibility to your site and give more strength to your message towards the search engine spiders by having the right content on your site. Our qualified team is ready to help you in doing so.

Link building
Our team is here to build quality links with the right keywords for your website. It is an important process in SEO as it will determine how Google will rank your site. To see it in action, contact us.

We do a follow up of the work from the start to the end and provide to you analysis reports about how people are reacting towards your site, for you to achieve your objectives.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

We advertise your site on search engine pages when specific keywords are typed by your potential customers. Our qualified team accompanies you from the start to the end of the campaign and provide to you relevant information about the effectiveness of the campaign.

Pay Per Click advertising
Advertise and pay only when visitors click on your links make PPC campaigns a cost effective way to increase your visibility on search engines.

Google AdWords Campaign
Google AdWords campaign helps you to increase your website visitors in a fast and cost effective way. Find yourself in top search results when customers are looking for you. Web Digital Group is here to help you to set up and monitor your PPC campaign.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We live in a world whereby social networks are becoming more and more present in our day to day life. Each second people are sharing their feelings and views to the world. So why not get nearer to them and increase your market share. At Web Digital Group, we help you use social media marketing to reinforce your online presence through a proper use of the social networks.

Facebook being the leading social network on the global market acts as a gateway for businesses to promote their products and an effective tool to communicate with potential customers.
Our creative team is here to design your artworks, write your posts or publish your pictures through a tailor made strategy to generate most views, likes and shares which will eventually increase your sales. Our expert team in social media marketing is ready to manage the contents of your accounts on your behalf to build the image your organisation deserves.